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To understand customers' experiences, we listen to the stories that customers tell

Because the story captures not just what each person remembered but how they felt about it at the time.

Our approach to customer experience research is ideal for organiations who want to put the customer at the heart of everything they do, but lack the internal resources to conduct the fundamental research required. We help these organisations understand their customers. They learn about personas, journeys, pain points and moments of truth.

You do not need to commission a large firm to do this work - our expertise is delivering insights to clients whose resources are stretched. We custom-design the research to suit your needs and bring to our work a unique blend of knowledge of psychology,  linguistics and semiotics.We have conducted customer experience research with:

  • Victims of crime
  • Students
  • Arts audiences
  • and others

This is one of our most popular services because we focus not just on the journey that customers, audience members, readers etc take, but what that experience feels like. 

To understand experiences and journeys, we

  • Find out what went on in your customers' minds and how they felt emotionally. If all you do is identify the parts of your process that cause pain, you have missed the point.  A customer's journey is not just about how they navigate their way through your processes. It is about how they feel about being your customer after they have done that.
  • Explore interactions between people and between people and the technology. A service is not something 'consumed' like a product.  For example, person-to-person encounters are sometimes about power relationships. It is important to know when (for example) your service empowers people sand helps them become self-sufficient, and when it disempowers people so they over-use your resources. Whatever we research, our focus is always on the person. 
  • Use best practice in qualitative research - that means in recruiting, design, analysis and reporting
  • We understand clients' needs for agility and collaboration.

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