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Are you looking for a professional research agency that is knowledgeable, and has time for you?

  • When organisations feel as if they are at a crossroads

    They tell us they are unsure what direction to take. They are wondering things like:

    ‘What messaging will resonate most with our target market?’

    ‘What is the best concept, product or service to take to market?’ 

    'Should we change our name?’

  • Our research gives them direction 

    They come to us because they are confident that we will custom-design primary research with their target market to give them the direction they are looking for.

    They know that we use all the key research methods and techniques and have access to any technology we need. 


  • People are the heart of our research

    We succeed because we live and breathe research.

    Research is about people. The best researchers understand people and enjoy interacting with them. 

    And we have the social science training to back this up. We understand how people think, talk and behave.

We work with small, medium and large businesses, government agencies and not-for-profits

Examples of our work

The methods we use, the sectors where we have experience, and the people we talk to

  • √     Surveys

    √     One-on one interviews

    √     Ethnography

    √     Online communities

    √     Focus groups

    √     Semiotics

    √     Discourse analysis

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  • √     Finance

    √     Food and beverage

    √     Government

    √     The Arts

    √     Technology and infrastructure

    √     Ageing, disability and welfare

    √     Sensory

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  • √    Customers

    √    Members

    √    Business to business

    √    Audiences

    √    Stakeholders

    √    Users

    √    General public 

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